How to Get Involved

Where Do I Join?

The Northwest Vietnamese Student Association (NWVSA) is an umbrella organization to multiple VSA’s chapters in the Northwest region. Essentially, anybody who is affiliated with our organization, or is affiliated with a VSA collegiate chapter, can be a member of NWVSA. We host multiple regional events throughout the year where anybody can register and attend those events. There are 3 different kinds of involvement: Member, Event Staff, and lastly, Eboard & Cabinet.

28317219696_f802097d05_kMember Involvement

The most basic level of involvement in NWVSA is being a member. This can vary from attending regional events or even joining our Facebook group. We highly recommend you keep up with our Facebook group, as most of our event posting and opportunities will be posted there.


Event Staff28351045615_ef6f9c74ff_h

Event staff positions are limited and available during specific time of the year. The two biggest opportunity for this is NWVSA’s Leadership Camp and NWVSA’s Leadership Summit. Within staff, there are more sub committee groups, directorships, and an executive director position opportunities available for those who applied. Staff position usually lasts around 3-5 months as they are meant for event planning.

Executive board & Cabinet

Executive board (E-board) and cabinet are the core group of leadership that builds our organization. E-board & Cabinet are longer term positions. E-board position in for 2 years, while cabinet positions are for a year. If you would like to learn more about the current executive board, please click here.