Meet the Staff


NWVSA operates on passionate volunteers who strive to provide opportunities in our community. We have 5 executive members in addition to our current cabinet members. As the region continues to grow, there will be new positions available for interested members. Executive Board changes every 2 years while Cabinet positions are a 1 year term.

Executive Board (2017 – 2019)

President – Vivian Ngo

Internal Vice President – Andre Hoa To

External Vice President – Francis Tran

Treasurer – Dan Ly

Secretary – Julianne Nguyen

Board of Advisors – Duy-Chi Nguyen, Lynn Khuat, Henry Doan, Thomas Trinh, Karl Le, Warren Mui

Cabinet (2018 – 2019)

Media Chair – Alex Nguyen

Co-Council of Regional Representative (CoRR) – Austin Langsy

Co-Council of Regional Representative (CoRR) – Johnny Ho

Staff Biography

Name: Vivian Ngo
NWVSA Position: President
School: Pacific Lutheran University


Name: Andre Hoa To
NWVSA Position: Internal Vice President
School: Oregon State University


Name: Francis Tran
NWVSA Position:
External Vice President
Seattle University


Name: Dan Ly
NWVSA Position: Treasurer
School: University of Washington Bothell

Name: Julianne Nguyen
NWVSA Position: Secretary
School: Oregon State University


Name: Alex Nguyen
NWVSA Position: Media Chair
School: Oregon State University

Name: Austin Langsy
NWVSA Position: C0-Council of Regional Representatives
School: Western Washington University


Name: Johnny Ho
NWVSA Position: C0-Council of Regional Representatives
School: University of Washington Bothell