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The Northwest Vietnamese Student Associations (NWVSA), a voluntary, non-partisan, community-based organization, was founded in 2006 on the common goal to empower and develop the Vietnamese youth and working professionals in the Northwest region through transformative leadership, experiential learning, close-knitted mentorship and collaborative network throughout the region.

NWVSA’s success is rooted in the success of the schools and organizations which make up its constituency. These constituents will remain independent and autonomous, but will work together to pool collective strength and influence, cooperating where fit.

Our region includes: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska; with only Washington & Oregon as active states.


NWVSA goal is to unite all Vietnamese together under the Northwest region. We are all either students or graduates who all collaborate together on multiple regional projects.


We want to unite and provide a platform for all rising Vietnamese in the region. Together, we can bring a feeling of family to recognize that we are working collectively.


NWVSA is non-profit and is run by countless of volunteers. Without our drive and passion to push forward, NWVSA would not exist today.














How to Get Involved


Anybody who is interested in VSA and is associated to a VSA collegiate chapter in the Northwest region can be a member! Click here to join our Facebook page to see any upcoming events that you can come.

Event Staff

Event staff positions are limited and available during specific time of the year. We are currently looking for staff for our upcoming NWVSA’s Summit Leadership Camp. Please contact for more information.

Eboard & Cabinet

Eboard & cabinet positions are year-round and require weekly commitments. They are chosen by electoral votes in the region once a year. For more information, please click here.